Mass Shootings In America

Mass Shootings & Gun Control

What constitutes a “mass killing”? Congress has defined mass killings as three or more homicides in a single incident. Beginning in January 2017 through November 2017, there have been 307 mass shootings in the United States. The most recent mass shootings in 2017 ranged from October 1st, when a gunman opened fire in Las Vegas and killed at least 59 people while injuring 527, to November 5th, where a gunman opened fire inside a church in Texas, killing at least 26 and leaving 20 others injured. It is important to make ourselves aware of these events in order for us to be able to form an independent opinion on gun control.

Common “pros” on gun control

  • Most violent crimes are committed with guns, therefore, restricting gun ownership can more likely reduce the number of gun deaths.
  • Suicides and crimes of passion are higher with gun availability, as it is much easier to impulsively act when a gun is available.
  • The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution was targeted toward the militia, rather than individual people.
  • Legalized gun ownership inside a home can increase the chance of a child mistaking a gun as a toy and can potentially cause a serious, and deadly accident.
  • Ratings of school shootings have become the highest they’ve ever been.


Common “cons” on gun control

  • Criminals will always find a way to obtain guns, leaving law-abiding citizens without any weapons to use in defense.
  • Women and “weaker” individuals may have no other means to self-defense from rape or other crimes.
  • Although intended for the militia, The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution still grants and protects an individual's right to gun ownership.
  • Guns in the possession of citizens are an added protection against government tyranny.
  • A black market for guns will surely develop if we ban them.
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