Chaffey Secures Highest Level of Accreditation

By Daniel Steele

The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, Western Association of Schools and Colleges reaffirmed Chaffey with the highest level of accreditation at its Jan. meeting.

Securing accreditation further allows colleges to offer financial aid and ensures courses are transferable to places such as UC and Cal. State universities. Students are also "assured of a high quality educational experience," according to Alisha M. Rosas, director of marketing and PR, in an email.

"This type of recognition is not easy to earn," said Superintendent Henry Shannon." Just this year, 27 colleges received reaffirmation for 18 months and six were given warnings, four were placed on probation. We received reaffirmation for seven years. This is no small feat."

Over the course of two years, students, faculty and staff worked on a self-evaluation report to provide evidence that it meets the accrediting commission's standards. The commission also sent a team in Oct. of last year to evaluate the three campuses and gave much positive feedback.

It said it "found many innovative and effective practices and programs, and believes the college should be commended in a number of ways." The commission also said the students and faculty's "pride that they have in the college was evident."

Among the many commendations from the commission were for the college's positivity on campus, "coherent focus on student success and equity, continuous improvements in policies," the higher education offerings to inmates in state correctional facilities and The Board of Trustees' engagement in campus and community activities.

The college is also a top ten finalist for the 2017 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence. The prize is awarded to the highest-achieving, improving two-year college from across the U.S. The $1 million prize will be announced March, 14.