College to participate in the March for Science

By Daniel Steele

The college has invited students and faculty to join the March for Science in L.A. to celebrate science and advocate its importance in society. The April 22 march is one of 400 sister marches to the main one in Washington, DC.

Faculty and staff can pay $15, and students $8, to ride round-trip from Chaffey to the march by bus. There will also be a poster-making workshop on April 20 on the Wignall Museum's patio prior to the march. The cost includes materials for posters.

"This will be a synergy between art and science, the art of communicating science to the public," said Superintendent Henry Shannon and other faculty in a joint email to other faculty.

Here is what the official homepage for the L.A. March for Science says about its purpose:

March for Science Los Angeles celebrates the crucial roles science plays in driving our economic growth, preserving our environment and protecting the health of our citizens. We unite as a diverse, nonpartisan group to call for policymakers to champion and fund science that upholds the common good and to advocate for evidence-based policies in the public interest at local, state and national levels.

The deadline to sign up for the trip is April 12. More details can be found in the flyer here.