Local Voices Decry Imbalance of Power

Marchers stopped in front of Grand Central Market. Photo by Hector Solorzano

Marchers stopped in front of Grand Central Market. Photo by Hector Solorzano

On Sunday Oct. 7th, the streets of downtown Los Angeles were echoing with the sound of anger, frustration, and revolution. After the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, many organizations including Black Lives Matter, the Survivors March, Revolution Club Los Angeles, and Refuse Fascism were marching the streets while voicing their disappointment about the new Justice.

It all began in Pershing Square where the organizations and marchers had a chance meet one another and voice their opinions. The march then began through the streets of DTLA and came to an end at the west side of City Hall. The marchers made a stop in front of the crowded Grand Central Market and made it clear to the patrons why they were marching. Once the march ended at City Hall, representatives from different organizations had a chance to speak to the marchers and people roaming the streets.

Estefani, a speaker with the #MeToo Survivors March, began her speech by chanting, "We believe survivors! We believe survivors!" The crowd followed by chanting it back. Estefani spoke about the corruption floating around in the Trump White House and the power that continues to grow within the administration. She stated that many people in the Trump Administration have been accused of sexual misconduct. "Today, in America, we reward sexual predators with the highest position in the land." "Shame!" yells one of the protesters in the crowd. Estefani continues, "we rewarded Trump, a man with more than 15 sexual allegations and we gave him the White House. Yesterday, we gave Kavanaugh, a sexual predator, the highest seat in the courts." As her speech continued, Estefani stated that in the United States, no one believes victims. "This trial confirmed Kavanaugh, but it also confirmed that in America, we do not believe survivors of sexual assault. It confirmed that political parties are stronger than the truth. And it confirmed that when it comes to justice, we are willing to obstruct the truth when the person accused is white and a man in power."

Luna Hernandez, a member of the Revolution Club Los Angeles and the National Student Task force of Refuse Fascism, addressed the crowd about how the senate confirmed an "open Christian fascist and a white supremacist." She also stated the various ways people can become involved with their revolution.

Hernandez stated that she thinks "its beautiful and its right that women and all different kinds of people are getting into the streets and saying that this Christian fascist Brett Kavanaugh and his confirmation is illegitimate. Its a nightmare. Its threatening not only the right of women, but threatening women being treated and seen as actual human beings." Hernandez stated that she was at the event to organize and unite with everyone present.

Once all the speakers finished their speeches, the crowd began to disperse into the veins of the concrete jungle. Emotions were running high during both the march and speeches. The one message all the organizations and people had in common is that their fight is not over. Their fight to overthrow the system has just begun.