What to Know Before You Vote 2018: Proposition 6

Proposition 6 would mandate that voter approval be required for theCaliforniaState Constitution to approve new or increased taxes regarding gasoline, vehicle license fees and transportation improvement fees. Prop. 6 would also repeal any fuel and vehicle taxes, as well as transportation improvement fees passed after Jan 1, 2017. This would mainly affect Senate Bill 1, The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017.

Those in support of Proposition 6 argue that it would eliminate SB 1’s12-cent tax increase on gas, and the 20-cent tax increase on diesel. It would save drivers an added$50on vehicle registration fees. Additionally, it decrees a statewide vote for any future changes to California fuel taxes and registration fees.

However, those opposed to Proposition 6 argue that roughly 5.4 billion in annual funding for transportation improvements to California highways and roads would disappear. This would halt more than 6,500 road safety and public roads transportation projects currently underway.

Voter approval onProposition 6would affect not only Chaffey students but college students everywhere who do not reside on campus. As many college students commute to classes, un-repaired roads or highways may block a student's route. Public transportation would be impacted as well, as it would lose approximately 36 million dollars in funding.