Rezoning Southern Fontana

On Tuesday December 18, the Fontana planning commission voted on whether to rezone an area in Fontana from residential to industrial. If the area is rezoned there are plans to build 7 warehouses in the area. Planning manager Orlando Hernandez stated that after environmental reviews, his office did not recommend that the project move forward. His recommendation was aligned with what many of the people against the project wanted. After he stated his recommendation, the people against the project cheered and clapped.

The city chamber was filled with residents and activists against the project and there were many constructions workers from the workers union LiUNA in favor of the project. Representatives of UST-CB Partners, L.P., which plan to build the West Valley Logistics Center, stated their environmental impact reports which went against the Planning Managers conclusion. A few times during their presentation, members of the public projected their disapproval. Emotions were high during the public hearing of the meeting. Many residents that live near the proposed project stated their disapproval because of the effects it may have on property value, schools, and local parks. Members of LiUNA spoke in favor for the proposed project and received some verbal disapproval from members of the public against it.

After two hours of the public hearing portion of the agenda, the commission deliberated and asked questions directed to the Planning Manager and the representatives of the developers. The Commissioners recessed the session a few times to speak about the case privately.

The plan will come back to the Planning Commission in January for another review. At that time they will make a decision to approve or deny the project and that will determine whether it goes to City Council or not.

Representatives of UST-CB Partners, L.P. denied to comment on the project and the Commission meeting.