Meeting Adjourned!

By Esmeralda DeSantiago

On Feb. 9, 14 representatives showed up at the Chaffey Rancho Campus room CAA 211 for the regional student government meeting where macro policies were discussed by the student governments from each region.

“We advocate for students,” said Liyzhaa Youngblood regional affairs director for region nine. “The ultimate goal is to implement student legislation that makes California community college students' lives better and more equitable in the long run.”

The meeting began with an explanation of the process and the template that will be used for the region report, where colleges record events that have an outstanding student turn out to develop networking with the colleges of the region.

Chaffey College student government president Diana Contreras claimed to have been handing out backpacks, notebooks, pens, t-shirts and hats to notify students of their new student body representatives.

The student trustee of Riverside Community College District Janet Hazelwood mentioned an event that will be occurring at their Riverside campus on Feb. 23, regarding a day of leadership training with special guest speaker Taye Diggs. 

“Whatever you believe you can achieve,” said Hazelwood on the topic of encouraging students.

RCCD student body president Maritzza Jeromimo explained that the point of the conference was to reach out to different high schools and districts to show them what student government does on the RCCD campus. There will be a five dollar fee for students to cover breakfast, lunch, T-shirts and goodies the college will provide. In addition Contreras is looking for different ways to gain access to more scholarships for Chaffey College students.

Chaffey College student and President of San Bernardino Valley College associate student government Santiago Castillo, informed the public of uniting the Formerly Incarcerated Resource Center at SBVC with the PINTO club at Chaffey. According to Castillo, the goal for both organizations is to help those coming out of prison go to school and have a better life.

“I ran into so many people that needed this resource that even said why should I come back, but now that we have the resource and we are putting it on our campus people are coming in like crazy,” said Castillo.

As the regional student government meeting concluded, Youngblood reminded the representatives to finish their “region reports” by Mar. 2, before there next meeting Mar. 9.