VOTE: It Matters

By Amalia Escobedo & Astrid Cortez 

Music filled the air and the cheers and laughter of panthers and friends could be heard a mile away on the Rancho Chaffey campus on Saturday March 24, 2018. The Student Government held an event to encourage Chaffey students and the community to go out and vote for re-elections on June 5, 2018 as well as learn about all the resources the Inland Empire has to offer. 

Student Body President, Diana Contreras connected with organizations and groups to come to the event in hopes of telling students, “Hey go out to vote June 5th, we have our own booth, so if you want to register to vote we can register you to vote here.” She wants students to know the importance of voting and the way it can affect them.

Dr. Eric Bishop Vice President of Student Services, also attended the event to support the community to become more involved in voting. He  believes, "Advocacy of youth is so important," and we should also pay attention to high school students as well because in a few years they will be the next generation of voters. Various organizations, corps and groups were involved in helping this event come together, along with volunteers. Guests were welcomed to eat and learn about different programs, while children enjoyed face and body painting and arts and crafts.