A New Generation: The Millenial Loteria

Astrid Cortez & Amalia Escobedo 

The Lavender Coalition Club hosted a Millennial Loteria event in the CAA lobby at the Chaffey College Rancho campus on April 12, 2018. Many students came to participate in the well known Latin American game similar to bingo and enjoyed free refreshments.  A table with complimentary feminine hygiene products was also provided by the club for students in need.

Don Clemente Jacques first introduced the game to Mexico in 1877. According to Jennifer Cardenas the president of the Lavender Coalition Club, the famous 1887 version of the game was outdated, stereotypical and racist for our time. That is why Mike Alfaro a 29-year-old Guatemalan director and writer, recreated the game with a modern twist.

This new version of the game includes updated pictures of different trends that millennials can relate to such as ‘la selfie’ which takes the original image of a mermaid and makes it look like someone who is taking an actual selfie of themselves. The image of 'la student debt' portrays a man with the world on his shoulders which implies the students of today that carry the stress of student loans. 

Along with the updated version of the game, players received a package of aromatic non-GMO Guatemalan beans to place on the board when their character was called out. This event was made possible with contributions from various clubs such as the School of Language Arts, Undocumented Advocates Committee and others.