NorCal vs SoCal fashion–Who did it better?

Above: Erica Vistro. 18

Photos and story by Kemi Ike

College is a place for people to explore new desires and express their individuality freely. Students from two different schools located in separate parts of California shared their exquisite personalities, through an appealing sense of style and their own personal idea of fashion.

Northern California students obtain a sense of fashion that is both bold and whimsical. With the colder climate compared to Southern California, they are normally forced to add a type of outerwear to their outfit of the day. But they do it with obvious thought and preciseness. Tan-colored trench coats and army surplus jackets cover some of the students of San Francisco State University, after morning rain masked the colorful city. San Francisco natives are easy to identify. They ready themselves for the bright sun to cover the campus, so they don't need heavy jackets weighing them down. Whether it was a woman walking around confidently with her bare shoulders or a man sporting a hoodie under a button-down coat, each outfit documented stood out from most.

In Southern California, it's easier to wake up in the morning without wondering what to wear for the weather, because it's normally always warm. And in the spring, the weather is often perfect for any ensemble. The students at Chaffey College express their sense of style by embodying popular looks in today’s youthful society and branding it as their very own. Various colors and patterns illuminate the outfits of the women, and also the men. Even though Northern California is known to uphold an artistic street style, many students at Chaffey express that same style with their one-of-a-kind thrift store finds and eclectic finishing pieces to a once simple outfit.

After close observation and comparison of the two campus looks, it’s up to you to decide. Who did it better?