Movie Review: Black Panther

This cast was absolutely phenomenal. Boseman played a perfect Black Panther. We had seen him before in Captain America: Civil War which was a huge character foil to his new, 2018 role. In Black Panther, Boseman showcased his morals whereas in Civil War, he portrayed someone who was just the tough guy seeking revenge.

Fellow Black Panther actors, Lupita Nyong'o and Danai Gurira were also powerful performers in the film. They play two of the many beautifully strong women of the technically advanced home known as Wakanda. Gurira who was cast as Okoye was  extremely badass, as she was the head of the Dora Milaje. The film's all women special forces of Wakanda. She has many beautifully shot, jaw dropping scenes in this movie.

Micheal B. Jordan as Eric "Killmonger" Stevens was very important to the storyline. Marvel villains rarely strain from their basic motives, typically wanting to take over the world or to hurt the superhero. However, Killmonger was a much more complex character. He is a relatable villain to many in the real world. He did not grow up with his father, he lived a life in a low income are which is something that many people can sympathize with. Unlike the Marvel norm, Steven's motive is to stop his oppressors. But he is pivotal to not only Black Panthers future but Wakanda's future as well.

With these amazingly cast actors, I do feel they carried the film to the top. If there were things I could change, personally I think the script could have been a bit better with stronger commentary between a few characters who should have been exposed more. They did not give us a lot of time with some characters that need more time to develop. This is also a problem in Marvel movies where the same problem occurs in Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor Ragnarok. 

Overall Black Panther directed by Ryann Coogler was nonetheless an important, impactful 2 hour and 15 minute visual that hits the hearts of the black community and Marvel fans. Wakanda Forever!

Grade: A