The Originals

Netflix's newest series "Altered Carbon" was made available on February 2nd and is just the futuristic Sci-Fi show you've been missing. "Altered Carbon" is based on Richard K. Morgan's novel of the same name. The show is based more than 300 years in the future, and society has been transformed by new technology. Human bodies are interchangeable and disposable. Death is the past and you can now help solve your own murder. You can extend your life as long as you can afford it. 

The essence of your being is all on a thin disk called a "stack." Once you die or want a nice upgrade you can remove your stack an enter a new body called a "sleeve" an unnumbered amount of times. Re-sleeking isn't for everybody and the strange alien tech has numerous oppositions.  Any fantasy is achievable and hobbies and entertainment go beyond what you can imagine. Planet to planet travel is accessible and yes, there is flying cars.

Main character Takeshi Kovacs, played by Joel Kinnaman is the last survivor from a group of elite soldiers who were all wiped out in an uprising against the new world order.Kovacs mind has been imprisoned for centuries until one day, wealthy businessman Laurens Bancroft offers him the chance to live yet again. New life doesn't come free and Kovacs will have to accept Bancroft's request to solve a murder, Bancroft's own.

Bancroft is part of the 1% who have built their mansions high on the sky, the same one 1% as hundreds of years ago.  Bancroft has selected Kovac to solve the mystery of who murdered his previous cloned sleeve. Now Bancroft cant just answer this himself because he died just before his stack backed up (somewhat like how our iCloud backs up on WiFi). Bancroft has been alive for hundreds of years and had made some enemies, so everyone is a suspect, even family.

Through corny one-liners and cliche love relationships, the show unravels into something intriguing. We question our morals and life decisions in-between action packed fight scenes that are used anytime Kovacs can't get his way. Our main character is the typical "I don't need anyone" tough guy with a soft side we've come to know and love.

Going back through different timelines of Kovacs life we get a glimpse of who he once was, and who he has become. Overtime he finds himself tied up in the ever turning mystery and a deadly conspiracy.This cyber-punk show is filled with all that new technology we're amazed with and can't wait to use. From hotels to weapons and hobbies the show is covered with futuristic details that makes it that much more interesting. The cast is widely diverse and features those of all backgrounds and beliefs. Issues of identity, mind, body, and class are scattered throughout the series and ones core beliefs are put to the test. Should we really live forever? Do you want to?