Why the "Best Popular Award" is STUPID

As a film fan one of my favorite nights a year is the Academy Awards because it is the night when we celebrate the excellence in film and it's always an event watching The Oscars, but as we all know the ratings for The Oscars have drastically fallen over the years, and this year's ratings only brought in 26.5 million US views, making it the lowest-rated show in the Academy's history.

Understandably, ABC wanted to do something about it,

Now before I read that, I had been on board with all the changes the Academy is going to make, but when I read Best Popular and read into what the award was for, my first reaction was "This is f---king stupid" and it is for various reason, but mainly because it is not a real award it is a participation trophy because these movies aren't good enough to be nominated for Best Picture and the only reason this was made was for the big blockbusters such as "Black Panther" and "Avengers: Infinity War" so that the audience of those films would want to tune in and watch the show because their favorite movie is getting a trophy, at the end it's all for a ratings boost and this just pathetic because what makes The Oscars is special is because it doesn't matter if the movie has a budget of 200 million or 1 million dollars nor does it matter the amount of money it made, whether it was a box office success or box office bomb. What mattered is if the movie had great directing, acting, writing That's why I love The Oscars, but this Best Popular is ridiculous, what even qualifies for it?

This category also sets back everything that superhero movies have worked for. In the 20th century superhero films weren't taken seriously they were just movies with men/women in tights, but films like Tim Burton's 1989 "Batman" made an impact by proving they were more, but now with the MCU and movies like "Logan" for example was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay. It was the first time a superhero movie was nominated for that category and with the audiences gaining a new appreciation for these movies they're on their way to eventually be nominated alongside Best Pictures in the future because it was well earned.

In The Oscars a movie should be nominated for its excellence, not popularity. They have to earn it the right way and not have a meaningless award. That is why this "Best Popular Film" is stupid, insulting, and making superhero movies efforts all for nothing. Best Popular Film is just a participation trophy; it's not a real award which is why I'm relieved that the Academy has postponed the category and is hopefully cancelled .