YouTube Revolutionized

In 2005, the founders of YouTube Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim created the website as a simple way to make videos public. Fast forward to today, YouTube has millions of users with one billion hours of videos watched daily.

Among the billion hours of daily viewed videos are music videos, movie clips, TV show clips, live streaming, video blogs, educational videos and more. These various forms of video content are made by creators, some of which make a living from their YouTube channels. The job of being a YouTuber stands just as competitive as more conventional professions.

Amidst the continuous growth of YouTube, creators, also referred to as YouTubers, have decided to take part in the changes as well as applying it to their own channels.

Simple daily video blogs, known as "vlogs," have transformed into scripting and casting calls. Typical makeup videos done in the comfort of one's home have developed into a whole studio set up and crew. Small investigative videos have changed to large-scale investigative documentary series as demonstrated by Shane Dawson.

YouTubers help make the website more desirable to users, which means more attraction to the site. YouTube wants more people engaging with the website due to the popular and interactive YouTubers. One way to get more YouTubers is by offering the popular producers more money for their content. This has led to an increase of interest in making a living off of being a YouTuber.

Aside from the gross of YouTubers and their changes to their own personalized channels, other channels have been created to fit the format of a normal televised show. Some of these channels include home improvement shows, talk shows and cooking shows, all of which were created for YouTube.

In early 2016 YouTube announced that it would be releasing its own primary content. Since then YouTube has released original series, all of which require a monthly subscription to YouTube Red. On-demand streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu have paved the way for YouTube Red.

The nonstop growth YouTube has gone through since its creation 14 years ago has left others wondering what else is in store for the future.