Dinner and Discussion

 The United States has always been a mix mash of cultures. So many have always been afraid of differences types of citizens. Try as they might, the United States has always been a beautiful island of misfit toys.

Recently we've been tossed into this tense hateful atmosphere, that has so many forgetting that each one of their neighbors is still just a human being. A human being with thoughts, emotions, and loved ones. It seems that the best way to combat the ever growing mass of individuals that are afflicted with xenophobia, is to push the spreading of ideas and education of cultures to the forefront of our minds. It seems that in our time, understanding that there is an innumerable amount of different types of American. 

The second annual Muslim Media event was held March 28th at the Islamic Center of Inland Empire. The night began with a shared meal which led to a tour of the beautiful mosque. Following the tour, a circle was formed and the open discussion began. Sitting on the ground created an incredibly intimate climate and allowed for a genuine discussion.  

All photos by Joshua Gutierrez