Valentines Day


Every country has its own unique traditions on Valentine's Day, where friends and couples can express their love for one another.

Some countries, like Denmark, are new to Valentine's festivities. According to, the official website of the Danish government, there are many celebrations and traditions that Denmark celebrates, Valentine's Day being one. Valentine's day came to Denmark in the early 1990s and has since become popular. Denmark takes its own twist on Valentine's Day, giving pressed white flowers, known as snowdrops, instead of roses.

Korea takes the Valentine's celebrations a step further, by adding a second day of festivities. February 14 is a day where women give chocolates to show their affection. On March 14, or White Day, it is the men's turn to give sweets to those they admire. According to Asia Society, there is even a singles day, called Black Day, on April 14, where single individuals go out together.

Scotland is also no stranger to Valentine's Day, and even has its own traditions. Some still celebrate what is called a Valentine date, according to

“In this Scottish custom, the first young man or woman encountered on the street or elsewhere on Valentine's Day becomes his or her Valentine and the day is celebrated with them,” informs

India was just recently introduced to Valentine's festivities in the late 1990s. Younger couples have adopted this holiday and celebrate with displays of love. Chocolates, fresh flowers, cards, soft toys and candies are common gifts given amongst loved ones.

The love capital of the world, France, celebrates la Saint-Valentin. Camille Chevalier-Karfis, a French blogger of French Today, explains how la Saint-Valentin is celebrated.

“Don’t go about sending all your French friends a friendly Valentine’s Day card, they may get the wrong impression," Chevalier-Karfis warns.

She mentions that La Saint-Valentin is mainly a day for special love interests. Gifts given on la Saint-Valentin, are similar to gifts given in the rest of the world, such as chocolates, cards, flowers, dinner at restaurants and for some, expensive jewelry.

Chaffey College students have their own way of celebrating Valentine's Day, both with romantic and platonic relationships. Common gifts for Valentine's Day in America can be chocolates, cards, flowers and dinner dates.

“I received flowers and went to dinner,” said Angelique Aguilar, a student at Chaffey, when asked of her Valentine's day.

With so many different celebrations around the world, Valentine's Day has become a widely known holiday.