The Yoga Life

Photo by Sigurdas.

By Maria Von Bischhoffshausen
Contributing writer

In the past 50 years, Yoga has become a very popular exercise that helps people get in shape, improve concentration and relieve stress. 

Danita Astudillo, 32, of Ontario has been a yoga instructor for two years. She started practicing yoga in 2012, where she fell in love with its philosophy. Astudillo has seen not just one, but many benefits since she started doing yoga on a daily basis.

“I feel healthier, eat better, sleep better, and am happier and less stressed,” Astudillo said. “I also fit in my clothes better, which is an added perk.” 

Some students struggle with stress when going to school. They may also face problems when it comes to concentration, either in class, while taking a test or when doing homework. 

Nathan Baker, 21, a student, started doing yoga in August. Baker said he has not only experienced benefits in his schoolwork, but has also seen an improvement in his lifestyle.

“Yoga has helped me by creating less stress at the beginning of my days right before I go to my math class,” Baker said. “Yoga also helps me calm down for the day, and overall, has made me feel better throughout the day. At nighttime, I learned how to meditate to help me fall asleep easily.”

Yoga also helps to tone the body and improve health, he said. 

“In the first few sessions of yoga I noticed that I was a lot more flexible than I was used to be,” said Baker. “Also I have gained a bit of muscle in the process.” 

“I believe everyone should do yoga because it has nothing but benefits gained from it, including cardio, circulatory health, losing weight, and protection from injury,” he added.

Maria Ureta, 27, of Rancho Cucamonga, has been doing yoga for a year and a half and said she has only seen benefits. 

“I have always suffered from stress, and since the first day I took a yoga class, I could see a big difference in myself,” Ureta said. “My muscles were not as sore as they were before, I felt extremely relaxed and I could fall asleep almost immediately at night.”

“After doing yoga for a year I can tell that my body looks a lot better, my stress is under control and I have a much healthier lifestyle,” she added.

Polina Marian, 32, of Chino Hills, is the owner of the Addicted To Yoga studio in Rancho Cucamonga and Chino Hills. She has been practicing yoga for 25 years and has been teaching it for 12 years.

According to Marian, students should be practicing yoga every day because it helps them in many different ways.

"It is amazing for creating peace and calmness in the mind and body,” Marian said. “When one learns how to focus on the breath it changes the entire mind in thinking and focusing.”