The Lackadaisical Voter

By Amanda Armoush

Usually, elections are determined by two parties: The Republican Party and the Democratic Party. But it seems as if now a third party has begun to emerge: the party of the lackadaisical. This term is not a dramatic description of the coolness of lacking responsibility. It is more about the misfits that seemed to have embraced the idea.

Older generations are rallying behind both candidates Trump and Hillary in support of their policies, but what about the millennials and their policies?

Just over 60 percent of millennials vote. In November that percentage may be dropping. The majority of Chaffey Community College students are not registered voters, and yet they have concerns about who the Commander-in-Chief will be.

Joselyn Flores, 18, communications major, says she is not registered to vote.

“I just haven’t had the time to get around to it,” Flores said. She admits she is not up to date with the current candidates, and what she does get comes through social media.

Brandon Luna, 17, is a business major. Like Flores, he gets his information through social media.

“What Trump says about Latinos doesn’t appeal to the public,” he says, “The candidates are not like us, they don’t think like us, so it doesn’t matter.”.

“Being African­-American,” he says both candidates are screwed.”

Cameron Mccall, 23, is a criminal justice major. “We aren’t divided as a nation. It’s more of a social class thing, where every ethnicity tries to assert themselves as better.”

Another student, Edgar Soto, 19, is not a legal citizen.

“If I could vote, I would,” he said. “It’s just humiliating all of the things Trump is saying about Latinos.”

Flores, whose parents immigrated to the United States, finds Trump’s plan insulting.

“Building a wall is like saying my culture doesn’t matter,” Flores said. “It’s the same cycles we see and hear.”

Three out of the four students interviewed said their vote does not matter.

Aramiz Siorida, 20, English major, however, sees voting as a duty.

“We should vote,” he said. “We can’t complain if we are not doing our part.”

Siorida said he is going to be voting come November.

“I am voting for Hillary,” he said. “It’s a vote against Trump and that’s what matters. We need someone who represents us and our values, like education.”