Guillermo Del Toro: A Dreaming Bull

Guillermo Del Toro has proven time and time again he has a niche for directing, most recently with his film "The Shape of Water", which took home two Golden Globes for Best Motion Picture and Best Director. Del Toro is known for several other films that include films like "Hellboy", "Crimson Peak", "Blade 2" and "Pan’s Labyrinth".

Del Toro is a 54-year-old Mexican film director who was born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico where he worked under great special effects artists like Dick Smith. In his early twenties, Del Toro discovered he had a love for movies which he began producing and filming his first early short films. It was not until his debut film "Cronos" he began to gain recognition in the film industry and with "Cronos" he earned 9 Academy Awards in Mexico.

Del Toro was on the rise and left to Hollywood where he would work on some his feature films.

Guillermo is also known for his films in Spanish such as "El Espinazo Del Diablo" ("The Devils Backbone") and "El Laberinto Del Fauno" ("Pan’s Labyrinth").

Some of the things which make Guillermo Del Toros films, such as "The Shape of Water" (2017), so awe-inspiring as they are dramatic is the cross between real and surreal worlds. The special effects brings you up close and detailed shots of our everyday lives crossed between something from our dark childhood fantasies.

His success in his English and Spanish movies has brought on his international recognition in the US and in his native country of Mexico.

Throughout his work Del Toro utilizes special effects to extreme measures in most of his films by sculpting his characters as dreamlike and horrific. He takes inspiration from his years in the industry as a makeup and special effects artist.

Guillermo Del Toro worked as a special effects artist for over 10 years where he went on to start his own special effects company which he called Necropia.

Necropia is Del Toro’s visual make up special effects company that he founded after working in the industry for many years.

Guillermo Del Toro has earned many awards for his work as a director in both Mexico and the US and is a prominent director that shows no sign of slowing down his streak of award winning films.