Health for the Holidays

Director of Health Services Kay Peek presents the display of some of the many resources the center has to offer. Photo by Ciara De Alba.

Director of Health Services Kay Peek presents the display of some of the many resources the center has to offer. Photo by Ciara De Alba.

As the fall semester comes to an end, some students have to worry about the stress that finals bring, while others worry about the overwhelming emotions that come with the holidays. Students tend to look forward to this time because of the break from the 18-week-long semester, but not everyone has that luxury. Students have suffered in different ways and feel alone, so these worries make it hard to get through finals.

"The holidays are tough with finals and holiday issues," says the director of Chaffey's Student Health Services, Kay Peek. Peek expresses her concern with the troubles students face, some of which includes anxiety from taking tests. She goes on to state how important is for students to put on their "body armor" to get through and prioritize the last days of the semester.

Some ways Student Health Services aids students in putting on their "body armor" during this time are the open visiting hours from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, on the Rancho campus. Walk-ins and set appointments are welcomed, which allows students to receive service in one of the few medical triages.

The in-person medical assistance includes tests, prescriptions, check ups and one-on-one help from certified nurses and doctors. All of the services provided are either free or at a low cost, for the benefit of the students.

One of the services provided in regards to mental health is the one-on-one psychiatric counseling with a properly trained and qualified specialist. The psych counseling requires appointments made in the listed hours of the center. Each student is allowed eight sessions per semester, with different specialists assigned separately to each student.

"Everything is confidential," Peek emphasizes, in regards to the mental health counseling. "Except when someone is hurt or is going to hurt themselves."

Almost every counseling session has been booked everyday and it has not changed, despite the holidays being close. Although there are many students seeking help, there are still a handful of students that are uncomfortable with the idea. Around the center and the Chaffey Health Services website is the number to the Crisis Text Line, which provides counseling over the internet. This text line gives students the ability to receive assistance for their mental health over the phone instead of in person.

Aside from the Crisis Text Line, the website lists numerous online resources for students in need of support. The topics provided on the website are broad, covering resources for LGBTQ students, recovering alcoholics and more.

Peek explains her reason for providing such numerous resources for students in need of personal and mental help.

"It's okay to look at yourself and say you need help. It's about finding the happiness and support you need," Peek further encourages.

To learn more about Student Health Services here at Chaffey, click on the "Health Services" tab on the schools homepage. To make a call to the Student Health Services department call (909) 652-6331. Lastly, if one is in need of any assistance in mental health text: "COURAGE" to the Crisis Text Line number: 741741, at any time, or visit