Riding on the Metro

Chaffey College offers free bus rides to its students who are actively enrolled during the term. Through Omnitrans, students have access to various bus routes that take them to and from the campus. Public transportation might intimidate some people as the stigmas about public transportation are now embedded deep into our minds, which are only true to a certain extent.

Public transportation certainly isn't recognized for it’s cleanliness. Once used by many eventually became stereotyped as a method of travel for the poor and homeless.

The transit routes and maps might seem overwhelming at first, as one might have to make several transfers in order to reach their destination, but rest assured it is all a part of the experience.

One can take the San Bernardino line, which goes from San Bernardino to Los Angeles, and disembark at Union Station in a little over an hour. On weekends Metrolink offers roundtrip tickets for just $10, which is perfect if one is feeling adventurous, and wants to do something spontaneous and out of the norm. Sure taking a vehicle might be a little faster, if there isn't any traffic, but one could avoid the stress of driving and parking by considering this alternative.