Behind The Scenes Of Chaffey College Radio

Eric Bottoms and the radio lab. All photos by Joshua Lauder.

Eric Bottoms works behind the scenes at Chaffey College Radio 1630 AM. He attended Chaffey College as a student and graduated from CSULA in 2016 with a degree in television, film and media studies. Since then he has became the Broadcast and Cinema specialist here at Chaffey College. He is dedicated to making sure students are up to date on all of the technology used for radio and cinema.

Whether he is holding a camera, fixing a computer, or setting up the mic he ensures students that they are using the best of the best equipment. Bottoms strives to give students a learning opportunity in and out of the radio room. His main goal with students is to teach and provide them with the necessary skills to work independently with companies, and gain opportunity through experience and hard work.

Everyday, when he steps into the classroom with students he provides help and hands on learning, whether it be editing podcasts on Pro Tools or syncing music on Audacity. His dedication to his students allows for an interactive and fun learning environment. Everyday, he comes prepared and ready to teach.