Panther Prestige

With the Center of the Arts building only recently being renovated, the Arts departments on the Rancho Cucamonga Chaffey College Campus is flourishing and attracting new types of passionate students, destined for bigger places, like Los Angeles and New York. To Filmmakers Club President Josias Lopez, these two cities represent the epitome of Film and Theatre Goals and the greatest of opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed in the entertainment industry.

At a very young age, Josias knew film was his calling and he explains it so simply, yet deeply: 

"Film helps those express emotions who normally would not know how. How does one explain fatherhood in words...? It is easier to write down, and preferably convert to film to display the reality of the situation for the person experiencing it."

His motivations are expressed in his active involvement with the Lavender Coalition Club on campus, and hopes of one day being able to represent the real challenges faced by those not easily understood by the average person:

"I want to let people know that they are not alone... I want them to believe for themselves that these repressed emotions can be channeled productively and creatively one day... Stay consistent with your work."

While on the topic of consistency, Josias manages three of Chaffey College's social media pages (@ChaffeyCollege, @ChaffeyFMC, and @iAMchaffey). Through all of his responsibilities for his clubs and extracurriculars, he managed to apply confidently to his top three schools: University of California, Los Angeles, University of Southern California, and New York University. The schools have major Film programs and are the heart of the industry in The States.

Josias is a first generation college student for his family, let alone the first film major. Being a first generation American, he learned what 'against all odds' means, and so he keeps his motivations  intact through consistency, hard work and a passion. He learn froms the bests of his industry, such as David Lynch and David Cronenberg. This campus salutes Josias Lopez off as he finishes this semester, after bringing the Chaffey Filmmakers Club up to par with the admiration of Los Angeles and New York quality shooting and production. He graduates with an Associates in Broadcasting and Cinema, before making the decision to go UCLA, USC or NYU.