Academic Renewal

In an academic society, where second chances are hard to come by, the opportunity to improve is always at hand. The Board of Directors at Chaffey College has created a procedure that gives students a second chance at improving their GPA's. Under careful consideration and adaptations, the official procedure is known as AP 4240. Academic renewal allows a student to disregard any substandard grades that do not reflect a current academic performance.

Imagine a student who is enrolled in the honor’s program conquering one exhausting task after another in hopes of graduating with honors. All the hard work and long nights spent awake are finally going to pay off, or so one would think.

Suddenly, a notification comes in a week before graduation stating that the student has been pulled out of the program. Any benefits or scholarships won are now gone due to poor reports received in certain classes taken years prior.

Under the approved Chaffey College Board Policy BP 4240 students are given the opportunity to dismiss poor reports through an academic renewal procedure.

The administrative Procedure AP 4240 states, “Students may petition to alleviate previous substandard academic performance which is not reflective of present demonstrated achievement” ( A student is allowed to petition to wipe out any past grades where they received a “D”, “F”, “FW”, “NP” or “NC” in prior classes.

In order to petition, the student’s cumulative grade point average for completed units at the time of petition must be a 3.0 for 16 semester units or a 2.5 for 20 semester units or a 2.0 for 24 semester units.

Another requirement is that two years must have passed since the last substandard grade a student received for it to be dismissed.

A maximum of 24 completed units that took place within two semesters and one summer session at Chaffey College out of order can be dismissed. Academic renewal can only be used toward units completed at Chaffey College.

Each Chaffey student is given only one opportunity to petition and be accepted for academic renewal, so use it wisely. A student who has been granted an academic renewal must calculate all work, cumulative GPA and the academic renewal when it comes to graduating with honors.

Academic renewal forms are available in the counseling department at Chaffey College. A counselor is required to review the form to ensure compliance with procedures and policy. A completed petition will be submitted to the Admissions and Records Office at Chaffey College and the office will notify the student of approval or denial through the registered email on the petition.

There are three things that are immeasurable: wisdom, maturity and intelligence. There is a saying that goes, grades do not measure intelligence and age does not define maturity. A bad report received years ago does not define a person's intelligence. There will be situations in life that cause people to slip and fall, what matters is how one gets back up and erases the past to look at a bright future ahead.