A Giant Dilemma

Sabrina Lape proudly wearing her favorite Giants hat at a coffee shop in Rancho Cucamonga. Photo by Edward Lopez.

Sabrina Lape proudly wearing her favorite Giants hat at a coffee shop in Rancho Cucamonga. Photo by Edward Lopez.

Nine years ago, Buster Posey, Tim Lincecum, Brian Wilson and Edgar Renteria of the San Francisco Giants battled against a stacked Texas Rangers in the 106th edition of the World Series. In game five of the 2010 World Series, the San Francisco Giants defeated the Texas Rangers four games to one, ending the 56 year World Series drought for the San Francisco Giants. The following four years were historic seasons for the San Francisco Giants, as they would go on to win the 2010, 2012 and 2014 World Series. For some Giants fans, this would be the only time they would get to see their team win the World Series.

Sabrina Lape, a double major in nursing and communication studies at Chaffey College, is one of those fans. She said the Giants winning the World Series in 2010, 2012 and 2014 meant the world to her. When asked what being a San Francisco Giants fan meant to Lape, she said:

“I have been a Giants fan since I was a little girl, so being a Giants fan means the world to me. When the Giants won the World Series in 2010,12 and 14, it made me even more proud to wear black and orange. Even when the Giants struggle, I proudly wear my fan gear.”

Lape’s pride as a Giants fan grew as she watched baseball with her family. She said as a little girl, she would watch Giants games with her dad and older brother. She also said that they both taught her everything she knows about the game of baseball. Lape stated:

“As a little girl I remember pitchers would walk Barry Bonds intentionally with the bases loaded, and I would ask my dad why they did that, and he would tell me that they walked him with the bases loaded because they were scared of him.”

Growing up in Southern California her whole life, Lape feels that the Giants have a very underrated fan base. She said:

“There are so many Giants fans out there, but you don’t hear about them because we live in a very Dodgers and Angels friendly area. It’s very rare to see a Giants fan in Southern California.”

Lape continued to say that the Giants fan base is much more supportive than any other fan base in baseball. She feels that there is a serious connection with the Giants organization and their fans. She stated:

“I feel that the Giants and their fans have a special bond because of the true loyalty fans have to the Giants. The Giants have had struggling seasons in the past and not once have I turned my back on them. This team means the world to me, and I have a special place in my heart for this organization.”

Moments like watching Barry Bonds hit 763, are what makes being a Giants fan special to Lape. When asked what being a Giants fan means to her, she stated:

“To me being a Giants fan means a lot because of the amazing experiences I have had at Giants games. I got to see Barry Bonds hit is 763rd home run as well as watch play in his final all star game. It’s moments like these that make being a Giants fan very special."