Professor Neil Watkins Encourages Support for DREAMers

Letter to The Breeze Editor,

Courage is sometimes in short supply. It is sometimes overlooked, but it is a vital part of democracy. It takes a great amount of courage to attend college while being undocumented, especially while DACA is under attack and immigrants are denigrated by Trump and others.

Governing board, managers, colleagues, student government, where is the courage of Chaffey College? Where are the actions to back up our words? Are we going to sit idle while immigrants, refugees, and the undocumented are under attack?

We need to take a stand for Dreamers, undocumented students, students with undocumented relatives, their education, their futures, our future.

Let us remember that immigration status is not a precondition for enrollment, so let’s provide these students the help they need to achieve their dreams.

“Courage" is one word. "Dreamers Resource Center" are three words. Let’s make it happen.

Prof. Neil Watkins
Faculty Advisor to the Dreamers’ Club