Deferred Justice

             The law has long had a precarious relationship with justice. One does not need to look far back in history to garner examples. The present, unfortunately, presents manifold instances as well, none so pressing to this college as the law pertaining to immigration. Many of our students hold undocumented status, living in fear during this particularly trying time. Many of our students, despite their fears, speak out publicly on this issue and try to persuade those in power to act justly, often despite any evidential reason.  Many more voices need to speak out on their behalf.

            When students attend a community college, they should do so freely. They should feel safe. They should feel accepted and be accepted. They should attend classes knowing that from the board of governors to their fellow classmates, they are welcomed and protected. Some seem to think that there is safety in simply staying silent. However, progress has always asked for more, and justice has always asked for all.

            A community college is an accumulation of all in the community, whether that population is politically favored or not. We need to stand for all of our own. Some may deem that unlawful, but I say to hell with the law if it flies in the face of what is right. Our students, especially the most vulnerable, deserve better than laws that defer justice. They have the courage to speak out. Will we?


Danny Keener

Professor of English