Professor Angela Cardinale urges the college to create a Dreamers Resource Center

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff, Administrators, and campus community:

I am writing this letter as a gesture of public support of and solidarity with our Dreamer and immigrant students at Chaffey. Over 1,000 Chaffey students are directly affected by the uncertain and problematic state of our immigration policy, and many more have affected family members and friends.

Although we may wish to stay out of politics, our current political climate has real and terrible potential consequences for our campus community. It is difficult to concentrate on academic studies when one has legitimate and pressing concerns about the stability of one’s future. As faculty and staff, we can’t isolate ourselves and educate inside of a bubble. It is our moral obligation to loudly express our support for all of our students and take action to provide them with access to resources and information.

But faculty and staff can only do so much. Dr. Shannon recently and eloquently expressed support for DACA students in the local newspaper. However, the college has yet to take direct action to support our students, despite much talk. One huge step towards doing this would be the creation of a Dreamers Resource Center. I urge the college to institutionalize its stated support for Dreamers, undocumented students, and students with undocumented family members and friends.


Professor Angela Cardinale