Changing the Mold


Fashion Nova caught consumers' eyes when social media influencers such as Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, and Cardi B were seen wearing Fashion Nova brand clothing. The company used popular celebrities and social media influencers to style and show off their products, rather than traditional advertising. Even YouTubers, such as Tana Monceau, would create a haul of the clothing they purchased off the site and share the different styles and fits. Fashion Nova has been quoted to be working with 3,000 to 5,000 influencers.

Fashion Nova was founded by Richard Saghian back in 2006 when it was a store in the Panorama Mall in Panorama City, California. In 2013 Saghian launched the website for Fashion Nova, and within a weekend, Fashion Nova completely sold out of everything. Prior to creating the website, Saghian noticed customers were posting his clothing on Instagram, before reaching out to work with anyone. This gave him the idea to use social media to expand, where influencers could wear and show off his products.

As the brand grew, customers complained that the models did not represent all body types. They claimed a woman with a size 2 waist modeling jeans for a plus sized woman misled consumers.

Most companies use models with petite frames and airbrush photos to get a figure that is naturally unachievable. In 2016, Fashion Nova Curve provided more affordable options to other body types, and previewed photos of the models in the outfits. Fashion Nova looked back at social media to help show off their new brand of clothing without having to make an ad. Well-known plus size models like Gabriella Lascano and Nakitende Esther were used in this process.

Different retailers also tried to adopt the same ideas of good customer service and listen to what the people want. More than ever, companies are more body positive, and acknowledge that different sizes and styles are needed. Forever 21 released their own Plus + Curve section in their own stores. Fashion Nova changed the standard by getting popular names in media to promote the products they sell. This expansion and use of social media is a reason why Fashion Nova became the fourth most-searched fashion brand after Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Supreme.

College students can purchase new, hot and trendy clothing for lower than retail prices. The prices of some outfits you can put together on Fashion Nova are lower than the prices of hoodies and sweatshirts found at trendy stores like PacSun or Express. Fashion Nova uses social media to connect with their audience, and continues to grow and evolve.