New York City! Is it Worth the Hype?

New York City, a city on the east coast that hugs the Atlantic Ocean, where people roam the streets and never sleep. New York City is known as a must-see tourist attraction across the globe.

From the food to the Broadway shows, it's the place to be, but is it really so? Or do people expect more than they receive and end up disappointed when they visit The Big Apple? Yes and no.

As someone who lives on the opposite end of the country, I am a complete outsider who was thrilled to have the opportunity to visit New York City, and more specifically, stay at a hotel in Times Square. I expected to see everything I have seen in movies: skyscrapers, lights, billboards and street vendors. That is not what I received, I got so much more.

Something I didn't expect was the feeling. The city has this energy that makes you feel elated, I just could not help but smile. This energy carries and spreads from person to person with a look in the eyes, a grin, or a touch on a subway rail in between a stop.

NY Lifestyle

Everyone in New York had somewhere to go, somewhere to be. Whether that was work, a tourist attraction, or a Broadway show, people were always on the move. I'll admit it was quite agitating to adjust to such a fast-paced area, but I enjoyed being a part of the everyday rush.

The fact that a subway can take you to different places in such a brisk matter of time, was impressive, but I do prefer cars, as I enjoy my personal space. That was one thing I didn't care for, the lack of personal space; it was crowded everywhere I went. In the streets, at restaurants, someone was always in my personal bubble, but it's New York City, was I dumb to expect different? Probably.

Tourist Attractions

I do not care how "touristy" or "basic" going to see the Statue of Liberty was. It is hands down something every single American should experience. Seeing the statue up close and personal made me feel proud to be an American, even when I don't always agree with our leaders. Riding the boat to see the statue and looking back to see the World Trade Center brought both pride and sadness to my heart.

I cannot begin to describe how people must have felt when 9/11 took place, but the city seems to be marked forever as I looked down at the view of the National September 11 Memorial from the Freedom Tower. Yet, New Yorkers are so strong and the city builds off of that. I think every American who hears about 9/11 feels grief when people discuss the topic, but it does not compare to seeing the now One World Trade Center both up close and at a distance. It is this powerful symbol that New York City is known for.

Decisively, I feel like I somewhat understand why people want to visit New York City. It is so much more than Broadway and nightlife. It is a city that carries this shadow and energy that will forever mark all who visit it. From heartbreak to euphoria, is New York City worth it? Hell Yes.