News Roundup 10/12/2017


By Erik Estrada

1. Neudexta Pushed on the Elderly:

A new pharmaceutical drug called Nuedexta is flooding elderly assisted living homes to treat a disease they might not have, according to an investigation done by CNN. Nuedexta is a new pharmaceutical drug that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat a disorder called PBA, or pseudobulbar affect. The pill is bringing tremendous financial success to the makers of the drug, and much of the funding is coming straight from the federal government. The pill is being given across a wide range of assisted living homes for a disease that affects less than 1% of Americans.

Source: CNN

2. Orion Spacecraft:

The U.S., Italy, and the European Space Agency (ESA) are working together to make advancements on the Orion spacecraft. Italy has been designing the European Service Module, which assist Orion in carrying man beyond the moon for the first time. The spacecraft is being tested to withstand intense temperatures, the vacuum of space and must sustain an entire space crew for a round trip for the longest space journey attempted. After the spacecraft is designed and finished it will be sent to NASA’s John Kennedy Space center in Florida next year, and is scheduled to launch if ready.

Source: NASA

3. Sonic Weapon Against U.S. Embassy in Cuba:

A sonic weapon is believed to be targeting U.S. embassy workers on Cuban soil, and some tourists are reporting to have similar side effects. The acoustic weapon is said to cause hearing, cognitive, visual, balance, sleep and other problems. The U.S. has withdrawn 60% of all government employees in Cuba, and has expelled 15 Cuban diplomats from the embassy in Washington D.C. It is unconfirmed if there is a direct link between the sounds being sent out, and the side effects being reported. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is warning remaining embassy workers and tourists to stay from areas where the sounds are reported.

Source: Fox News

4. Destruction Caused by Northern California Wild Fires:

Cadaver dogs are sifting through the ash and debris after the wild fires that are sweeping across Norther California continue. Santa Rosa has suffered the most with 2,834 homes burnt down, as well as around 400,000 square feet of commercial space. Local officials are expecting a window of opportunity to control and tame the fire when winds die down in the next week, and are expecting help from neighboring fire stations. The death toll, currently at 31, is still not definite and is expected to rise.

Source: LA Times

5. Hurricane Ophelia Possible Threat to the Azores:

Hurricane Ophelia strengthened to a Category 2 hurricane in the Atlantic, and, although it presents no danger to the U.S., it could be headed for the Azores. The Azores are in the mid-Atlantic and belong to the country of Portugal. The storm is currently stationary with winds up to 100 mph. Ophelia is the 10th hurricane to form in the Atlantic this year.

Source: The Weather Channel