News Roundup 10/03/2017


By Jessica Murray

1. Las Vegas Shooter Wired $100,000 to Phillipines:

Stephen Paddock, the shooter of Sunday night's Las Vegas massacre, wired $100,000 to girlfriend Marilou Danley's home country of the Phillipines the week before he unleashed the worst mass shooting in United States history, in which 59 people died and over 500 left injured. Officials confirm Danley was in the Phillipines when Paddock launched his attack on Sunday night. She is to return to the U.S. tomorrow to answer questions from authorities in hopes of decoding why and how this incident became.

Source: NBC News

2. Puerto Rico Raises Hurricane's Official death Count to 34:

Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rosello has said the official death count from Hurricane Maria has been escalated from 16 to 34. The Hurricane also caused an estimated $90 billion in damage across the island. The storm, which followed another major hurricane, Harvey, simultaneously disabled power on the island. Power grids, cellphone towers and banking systems were among the numerous utilities lost during the storm. President Donald Trump made his first appearance on the island today since the storm to survey the wrath and destruction caused by Maria.

Source: US NewsCBS News

3. North Korea Threatens and Mocks Japan:

North Korea threatened to bring nuclear clouds to Japanese skies and mocked Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for acting like a "headless chicken" at the United Nations Assembly. Abe urged U.N. members to force North Korea to end nuclear and missile programs' future testing and development.

North Korea's capital, Pyongyang, states Japan is inviting tension among the nations, calling Japan's efforts to end Kim Jong Un's nuclear program a "suicide deed" that will end with a nuclear attack to sink the island country, according to Korean Central News Agency.

Source: Fox News

4. Tom Petty's Daughter Angered:

American singer Tom Petty died Monday night, but inaccuracies among news and media outlets pronounced the artist dead long before the truth. Petty's daughter, AnnaKim Petty, responded with disdain, after Rolling Stone magazine reported Petty dead in the afternoon. Petty really died at 8:40 p.m.

"My dad is not dead yet, but your fucking magazine is," tweeted AnnaKim.

Source: CNN

5. 3 billion Yahoo! Accounts Hacked:

Yahoo's parent company, Verizon, has now released that all 3 billion of Yahoo's accounts were hacked, a significant increase from the originally reported 1 billion. The August 2013 data theft hack now effects all Yahoo! And Verizon accounts in the biggest known security breach to a computer network. Thieves made off with users' names, birth dates, phone numbers and passwords. Investigators did not discover the full extent of the 2013 hack before Verizon closed the $4 billion deal to acquire Yahoo in June. Cybersecurity analysts were surprised by the discovery.

Via: Fox NewsNew York Times

Jessica Murray