News Roundup: Here's What You Missed

By Hector Solorzano

1. Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez New DNC Chairman: 
In a near tie win, Tom Perez defeated Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison 235-200. During his victory speech, Perez pledged to stop Trump from acquiring a second term. "We are at a 'where are you?' moment in American history," Perez said. "Where were you in 2017 when we had the worst President in US history?" Trying to please Keith Ellison supporters, Perez appointed him deputy chair of the DNC. Bernie Sanders has been a long time supporter of Perez saying, "Now, more than ever, the Democratic party must make it clear that it is prepared to stand up to the 1% and lead this country forward in the fight for social, racial, economic, and environmental justice." 
- Source: CNN

2. Trump to Skip White House Correspondent's Dinner, First in 36 years: 
In a tweet Trump announced he would not be attending this years correspondent's dinner saying, "I will not be attending the White House Correspondent's Association Dinner this year. Please wish everyone well and have a great evening!" The last president to not attend the dinner was Ronald Reagan. He did not attend because he was still recovering from the assassination attempt in 1981. His statement arrived at a time of tension between Trump's administration and the press. The dinner is usually a roast between news organizations, celebrities, and the president, putting tensions and politics aside. 
-Source: NPR

3. Malaysian Government Says Airport is Safe For Travel:
Malaysia's health minister has confirmed that a nerve agent was used to murder Kim Jong-nam, the half brother of North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un. According to the health minister, the nerve agent caused "very serious paralysis." The government declared Kuala Lumpur's Airport safe after days of sweeping through it. Tension between Malaysia and North Korea continues to rise as the investigation continues. 
- Source: Associated Press

4. Khaled Khatib, Nominated For an Oscar, Banned From Entering U.S.:
Twenty-one-year-old Khaled Khatib filmed a majority of the movie The White Helmets, a Netflix Documentary. Khatib is part of the White Helmets organization, a rescue group that works in rebel-controlled territory in Syria. He was departing from Turkey to the U.S for the Academy Awards when he was stopped by Turkish officials due to problems with his passport. He was then sent to the U.S Embassy in Ankara where U.S. officials denied him entry to the country. "If I cannot enter the US," said Khatib, "I will not give up. We know that we have many friends in U.S., that there are people that share our humanitarian values. I look forward to meeting them all one day." 
- Source: BBC News

5. Drunk Driver Hurtled Into Crowd During Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans: 
Twenty-eight people were injured after a car plowed into a crowd on Saturday and 21 were reportedly taken to a local hospital — 12 of whom were critically injured. Local and federal authorities were quick to respond and begin an investigation. New Orleans FBI agents were "coordinating with our federal, state, and local law enforcement partners to determine whether a federal violation has occurred." The person behind the wheel of the vehicle was arrested, appearing "highly intoxicated," and questioned by the police department's drunken-driving office. 
- Source: Reuters