News Roundup: Here's What You Missed

By Brody Salazar

1. Congress Rules to Overturn Internet Privacy Rules: 
House Republicans, in a 215-to-205 vote, overturned privacy rules created by the Federal Communications Commision in October. The rules, which would have taken effect later this year, were designed to prevent broadband providers from gathering, and selling information about their customers' internet activity without the permission of the customer. Donald Trump is expected to sign the new bill some time next week, and Republicans regulators at the F.C.C. are speculating further deregulating internet services in the future. 
- Source: The New York Times

2. Climate Change Policies Reversed: 
Obama-era laws meant to combat climate change were dismantled with a new executive order signed by Trump. The Energy Independence Executive Order decreases regulations on fossil fuels, and rolls back over a dozen measures created by Obama. One of the suspended measures is the Clean Power Plan, which required states to reduce carbon emissions in accordance to the Paris climate deal in 2015. The Trump administration stated removing the CPP would allow people to work more, and reduce reliance on foreign fuel sources. "With today's executive action I am taking historic steps to lift the restrictions on American energy, to reverse government intrusion and to cancel job-killing regulations," said Trump. 
- Source: BBC News

3. New Population of Endangered Tiger Species Found: 
A new breeding population of the critically endangered Indochinese Tiger, a species with a current global population under 250, was found in a national park in eastern Thailand. Camera traps discovered six cubs in the jungle, and conservationists attribute the new population was due to an increase in anti-poaching efforts in Thailand. Previously, there was thought to have only been one breeding population of the Indochinese Tiger. 
- Source: BBC News

4. Anti-Abortion Activists Charged with 15 Felonies for Videos Targeting Planned Parenthood: 
David Daleiden and alleged co-conspirator, Sandra Merritt, have charges for 15 felonies being pressed by California State Attorney General, Xavier Becerra. The offices of Becerra accuse the two of filming 14 people without their permission at meetings for women's healthcare providers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Pasadena, and El Dorado. The videos were edited and published online, which resulted in a series of threats being made to not just abortion providers, but also to those recorded. Daleiden and Merritt are facing 14 counts of unlawfully recording people without their permission, and one count of conspiracy to invade privacy. Becerra said his office would not tolerate "criminal recording of confidential conversations.” 
- Source: The Los Angeles Times

5. Ten Charged in New York Mafia Crime Wave: 
Charges of racketeering and related crimes are being weighed against ten alleged members of the Bonanno mafia family. Prosecutors claim there was nearly 20 years of organized crime in Queens -- including gun battles, beatings, extortion, and arson. The defendants include: Ronald "Ronnie G." Giallanzo, Michael Padavona, Nicholas "Pudgie" Festa, Michael Palmaccio, Christopher "Bald Chris" Boothby, Evan "The Jew" Greenberg, Richard Heck, Michael Hintze, Robert Pisani and Robert "Chippy" Tanico. The defendants could face up to 20 years in prison, if found guilty. - Source: CNN