News Roundup: Here's What You Missed

By Hector Solorzano

1. North Korea Fails to Launch Missile:
According to the South Korean government, North Korea attempted to launch a missile but failed after it exploded on the launch pad. It has not been clarified what type of missile they were trying to launch. This occurred during tense times between the North Korean and the United States governments. Trump ordered a naval strike team to locate themselves near the peninsula. 
- Source: AP

2. Tax Release March:
Many Americans filled the streets in major cities demanding Trump release his tax returns. Los Angeles was one of the cities hosting the march with thousands of people protesting. Trump has denied to release his tax returns and claims most Americans don't care. Protests in Berkeley became violent after pro and anti-Trump protesters clashed. About a dozen people were arrested during the conflict. 
- Source: NPR 

3. Oldest Person in The World Dies at 117:
Emma Morano who was believed to be the oldest person in the world died at 117 years old. She was born November 29, 1899 in Italy. She was believed to be the last surviving person from the 19th Century. The mayor of Verbania, the town where Morano lived, stated "She reached an incredible finish line." In previous interviews, Morano stated that her life was not that great. Her fiancĂ© died in World War One and she had to remarry to a man she did not fancy. She also worked at a factory until she was 65. 
- Source: Reuters 

4. Four People iInjured at Church Carnival in Alabama:
Three teenagers and a toddler were wounded with gunshots during a shooting outside of an Alabama church. The shooting started after a confrontation turned into a violent fight. All of the injured kids are expected to survive as their injuries were non life threatening. 
- Source: CNN

5. Child Dies at Revolving Restaurant:
According to Atlanta Police, the child was critically injured and later died at the hospital after his head got stuck between a wall and a table attached to a revolving floor. Employees of The Sun Dial restaurant were able to release the boy who suffered injuries to his head and brain. The restaurant has been closed until further notice. 
- Source: BBC