Photo Courtesy: Fred Schilling/Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States

Photo Courtesy: Fred Schilling/Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States

By: Raylene Camerano

1.) Judge Kavanaugh confirmed to Supreme Court

On October 5th, two republican senators voted to confirm Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court. The decision came while an F.B.I investigation had been reopened on Kavanaugh. The LGBT community and members of the Me Too movement have voiced their disapproval of the vote. If Kavanaugh is voted in as the next supreme court judge it will give way to a conservative view. The shift of views is a making in history for many years to come.


2.) Chicago Officer Convicted of Murder

On October 6th, many civilians stood outside the court house waiting for the jury's vote to come in. Chicago police officer, Jason Van Dyke, shot and killed an African-American teenager in the streets of Chicago nearly three years ago. A video has been publicized of Van Dyke shooting Laquan McDonald sixteen times in a parking lot even after the teen is seen motionless on the ground. Protesters outside the courtroom could be heard shouting, “Justice for Laquan!” After the court charged police officer Dyke as guilty of murder. Another jury member stated, “his memories and the facts and other evidence didn’t line up.”

New York Times

3.) The First Asian American Woman to Host SNL in 18 Years

Awkwafina is an actress and rapper who made comedic history for Asian- American women in the entertainment industry. She is the second woman and fifth Asian -American to host Saturday Night Live. The cast is currently working towards becoming more diverse and the recent host, Awkwafina gave way to that. The last woman to host SNL was Lucy Lui in 2000. She stood proudly paving a path for others in the future.

Hollywood Reporter

4.) Khabib Nurmagomedov Initiates Brawl After Lightweight Championship Win

After the UFC, lightweight championship winner, Khabib Nurmagomedov sprung himself over the octagon to fight Conor McGregor’s training partner, Dillon Danis. Shortly after, UFC security is seen in a video breaking up the fight and two of Nurmagomedov’s entourage vault themselves into the ring and swing at McGregor. Nurmagomedov was not presented with the lightweight title for security reasons and both Nurmagomedov and McGregor were escorted off the premises with those involved in the brawl, on their way to jail.


5.) Lady Gaga Defends Christine Ford on The Late Show

Lady Gaga appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert promoting her new movie, The Star Is Born. During the show, Colbert began a discussion with Gaga about politics and the Kavanaugh debate. As a sexual assault survivor, Lady Gaga called the debate, “one of the most upsetting things she’s ever witnessed.” She goes on to defend Dr. Ford by explaining that survivors tuck their pain in a box and eventually there is a trigger that sets that pain off. Once that box opens there is a rush of trauma that floods back to the victim. Gaga also had this to say about Ford, “She was brave enough to share it with the world, to protect this country.”