News Roundup 11/20/18

Photo Courtesy By: Wilfredo Lee/Getty Images, FILE

Photo Courtesy By: Wilfredo Lee/Getty Images, FILE

By:Kenya Staley

1. Democrat Andrew Gillum concedes to Ron DeSantis

On Saturday Nov. 17, Democratic nominee and Tallahassee mayor, Andrew Gillum, conceded the Florida Governor race for the second time to former Rep. Ron DeSantis. After election night, Mr. Gillum re-entered the race once late-counted votes fell within the legal margin of a mandatory recount. Both gubernatorial candidates had prominent endorsements during their campaign. Since the 2016 elections, DeSantis has publicly praised President Donald Trump for his policies on immigration and gun control. President Trump joined DeSantis in the final days of his campaign at a rally in Pensacola, Florida. Trump warned the audience that a vote for a democrat is a vote to "liquidate the borders". Gillum was endorsed by a plethora of celebrities and politicians including former President Barack Obama, actress Tracee Ellis Ross and former Vice President Joe Biden. Gillum took to facebook to congratulate DeSantis on his win.

Source: NPR

2. Trump To Submit Written Answers to Mueller This Week

President Trump told White House reporters on Saturday Nov. 17, that he's finished answering special counsel Robert Mueller's written questions and will soon submit them to his team. Mueller launched the Russia probe in May of 2017 and has since indicted several former and current members of Trump's team. Trump suggested the questions were "tricked up" to catch him in a lie but insisted they were answered "very easily" by him and not his lawyers.

Source: AP

3. Prime Minister Theresa May Delivers Brexit Statement

More than two years after the U.K. voted to leave the E.U., Theresa May presented the public with long-awaited documents detailing the withdrawal deal. "I firmly believe that the draft withdrawal agreement was the best that could be negotiated" May announced on Thursday November 15. In a video provided by Sky News, protesters can be heard shouting in the back during the entirety of the Prime Ministers speech. Since her announcement, May has received a lot of backlash but reassured people that "I firmly believe with my head and my heart that this is a decision which is in the best interest of the entire kingdom."

Source: NY Times

4. Trial Sparks Protests Across Ireland

Women and men gathered in Ireland this week to protest the Irish legal system after a 27-year old man was acquitted of rape charges. According to the Irish Examiner, his defense attorney, Elizabeth O'Connell argued it wasn't rape because his 17 year-old accuser was wearing a lace thong. The jury unanimously found him not guilty of all charges on Saturday, Nov. 10. On Social Media, users posted photos of their underwear with the caption, #ThisIsNotConsent. Ireland Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, spoke out against the ruling, "Nobody asks to be raped." he said "and it's never the victim's fault. It doesn't matter what you wear, it doesn't matter where you went, who you went with, or what you took — whether it was drugs or alcohol."

Source: NPR

5. Brush Fire Contained in Rialto

A brush fire erupted in Rialto on Tuesday, November 13 opting residents to evacuate their homes. According to NBC 4, the fire was first reported around 9:30 P.M. and several calls were made after. The San Bernardino County Fire Department's official Twitter titled it the #SierraFire and actively sent out updates. The Sierra Fire grew to 147 acres overnight but was contained the next morning. No injuries were reported.

Source: NBC 4

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