News Roundup 02/26/18

Photo Courtesy: Charisma News

Photo Courtesy: Charisma News

By: Ayannah Dimas

1. Supreme Court Rejects Trump's Bid to End DACA

On Monday, the Supreme Court declined Trump's bid to end DACA, stating that it will stay out of the case. Originally, President Trump terminated the program, only allowing a six-month period for anyone with status expiring to be able to renew. The Supreme Court's action, is not a ruling of the merits of the DACA program or the Trump administration's effort to put an end to it. The program could be saved for another year or more until the court can take up the case in next year's term. The move will ease the pressure on Congress to act on a permanent solution and it means the 700,000 participants will still be able to renew their status.

Source: CNN

2. Pyeongchang Closing Ceremony Ends Biggest Winter Games

The Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics ended with a big party and a farewell from it's 2,920 athletes. The number of athletes and number of nations represented set a new record making it the largest yet. Pyeongchang organizers promised that the Olympic Stadium will be, "filled with the roar of compliments and the applause of friendship." The two-hour ceremony started at 8 p.m. Sunday in South Korea. The ceremony paid tributes to athletes and looked ahead to the Tokyo, Japan 2020 Summer Olympics.

Source: NPR

3. 50 Arrested in Houston-Area Cock Fighting Operation

Authorities in Brazoria County say they have arrested 50 people and have seized 165 birds from a large rooster fighting operation. Officers on scene also say they found about 50 dead birds that are believed to have been killed in fights held there. Sheriff's Lt. Varon Snelgrove revealed deputies responded to a call on Sunday regarding a possible, "cock fighting operation." When they arrived to the scene they found a large number of people and vehicles at the site. Forty-seven individuals have been arrested on pending misdemeanor charges of cock fighting while the remaining three have pending felony cock fighting charges. All birds that were seized are being cared for at the county's animal control.

Source: ABC News

4. First Transgender Recruit Signs Military Contract

The Pentagon has confirmed Monday, that a transgender individual has signed a contract to join the U.S. military. Pentagon spokesperson Maj. Dave Eastburn, confirmed the contract was signed Friday and the individual has met all standards, to serve in the military but declined to comment on which branch the they will be joining. The contract was signed the same day James Mattis, U.S. Defense Secretary delivered his recommendation for transgender people in the military to the White House. Several transgender people have applied to join the military but this is the first time someone transgender has joined since Trump's ban was lifted due to a court order.

Source: The Hill

5. Toddler Shot on 210 Freeway

According to the CHP, a car to car shooting occurred on the 210 Freeway in Sylmar early Sunday morning leaving a 2-year-old boy injured. Officers responded to the area after a call was received regarding a shooting at 12:53 a.m. Investigators were searching for a man they say fired a handgun at another vehicle while driving near the 210-118 interchange. Officer Chris Baldonado said the suspect was driving an older model gray four-door sedan when he shot at the victim’s car. The gunfire hit the young boy in the leg and he was taken to a local hospital where he is expected to recover. 

Source: LA Daily News

Ayannah Dimas