News Roundup 02/09/18

Photo Courtesy: TIME

Photo Courtesy: TIME

By: Ayannah Dimas

1. More Than 1,500 Flights Canceled

Over 1,500 flights have been canceled as a winter storm has hit the Midwest. The Arctic front is pushing from Montana through the Midwest. Heavy snow, at least 1 inch per hour and strong winds have stormed Chicago and Detroit. Public Schools have closed and about 23 million Americans are under weather alerts. Chicago could get around a foot of snow by late night and 2-4 inches throughout the weekend. Most of Northern Illinois has seen between 8 and 12 inches of snow. Flight cancellations have affected Chicago O'hare and Midway airports and the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. 

Source: CNN

2. Speech Writer Resigns After the White House Learns of Allegations

Another White House staff member has left the Trump Administration after abuse allegations arise. White House spokesman Raj Shah, has confirmed David Sorensen has resigned after the allegations against him surfaced. Sorensen denies the allegations that were released by The Washington Post. They revealed his ex-wife has claimed that he was violently and emotionally abusive during their short marriage. Rob Poter, staff secretary and one of Trump's closets aides resigned Wednesday. Allegations that he had abused two of his ex-wives on Wednesday. He denies the allegations as well.

Source: TIME 

3. Senate Approves Short-Term Government Funding Bill After Shutdown

The government went into a shutdown last night making it the second in less than one month. The shutdown only lasted a few hours in the middle of the night being the shortest since the 1970s. Trump tweeted early Friday morning that he signed the bill approving government spending. The Senate voted 71-28 to the massive two-year budget. The deal will extend our current level of funding until March. This will give congressional appropriators time to craft the details for a long-term plan.

Source: USA Today

4. Kim Jong Un's Sister Makes Appearance at Winter Olympics

Kim Yo Jung, the younger sister of Kim Jong Un arrived at the Winter Olympics as the first of her family to be in South Korea in years. Her arrival fascinated the citizens of the South. Only a few citizens have been able to travel to both the North and South. Kim Yo Jong is scheduled to meet with South Korean President, Moon-Jae-in to discuss the tension between both nations. The south has had a long-standing desire for unification of the peninsula which has been divided since 1953.

Source: AOL

5. Children's Hospital Receives Swarm of Valentines

For the last few years, Cincinnati Children's Hospital has passed out valentines from its community to its patients. Last year, the hospital received around 10,000 cards. This year the program has grown and received more 90,000 cards. After one kid in Kentucky sent a tweet asking her followers to help out by sending cards, it quickly went viral. It received over 75,000 retweets and 10,000 likes. The hospital has become overwhelmed by the support and kindness from everyone. Local athletes have even sent in digital messages for patients.

Source: WLWT5

Ayannah Dimas