News Roundup 03/02/2018

Photo Courtesy: NY Daily News

Photo Courtesy: NY Daily News

By: Amalia Escobedo

1. Michigan University Student Fatally Shoots his Parents on Campus Grounds

James Eric Davis a 19 year old student attending Central Michigan University killed both of his parents on Friday morning March 2, 2018 after shooting them in a residence hall. The victims were Eric Davis Sr. an Illinois National Guard Veteran, who served in Iraq and a part time police officer in Bellwood and his wife Diva Jeneen Davis. The victims were picking up their son James Davis for spring break when the shooting occurred. The police are still looking for the suspect and warn the public not to confront the suspect as he is dangerous.

Source: Chicago Tribune

2. Homeless Family Separated after Police Arrest Parents for Child Cruelty Allegations

San Bernardino County sheriff deputies found three children living in a plywood box after a routine area checkup on Wednesday. The victim’s parents Mona Kirk a 51-year-old woman and Daniel Panico a 73-year-old man, were arrested for child cruelty due to the dirty and unsuitable living style. According to the Los Angeles Times the children were, “11, 13 and 14 –and had been living in the large plywood box for about four years.” The children are now in protective custody and are being fed and cared after while their parents have been set with a bail of $100,000.

Source: CNN

3. Reverend Billy Graham Laid to Rest

A grand funeral service was held Friday morning for the famous 99 year old Rev. Billy Graham also known as Americas Pastor in Charlotte, N.C. Billy Graham led over a six decade career of spreading the word of God and changed evangelical Christianity as stated by National Public Radio. The service was small and private but millions watched online, those present at the funeral included President Donald Trump and Melania Trump along with Vice President Pence and other government officials.

Source: National Public Radio

4. Friends of Missing Aspiring Actress Want Justice

Adea Shabani a 25 year old aspiring actress went missing on February 23, 2018. She moved to the Los Angeles area from Macedonia to pursue an acting career. The police searched her apartment in Wilcox Avenue, Hollywood and found her door open. Fellow acting students and friends from Stella Adler Academy became concerned and informed the police after Miss Shabani missed an important class and stopped posting content on her social media account which they expressed was unlike her. Police are asking the public to keep an eye out.

Source: People Crime

5. Santa Barbara County Lifts Storm Evacuation

Mandatory Evacuations for the Santa Barbara County were lifted Friday Morning after the storm passed. Fire Agencies and Public safety officials were afraid of mud slides in the area due to the recent mud slides that occurred in January which killed 21 people in Montecito. The recent fire in Montecito wiped out homes and left many concerned. Authorities and firefighters are keeping a close eye on the area for any triggered mudslide form the debris left behind.

Source: ABC News

Amalia Escobedo