News Roundup 3/23/18

Photo Courtesy: CNN

Photo Courtesy: CNN

By: Amalia Escobedo

1. Trump Signs Bill to Avoid Government Shutdown

On Friday Morning March 23, 2018, President Donald Trump signed a $1.3 trillion spending bill in to law. After reading the bill and all the military spending it attained, Trump decided to sign the bill because he wants to have as stated according to NYT, “by far the strongest military in the world.” The president sent out a tweet earlier this morning that said he was considering to veto the bill. This would have sent the government into another shutdown until agreements could be made. Trump strongly considered a veto because congress did not mention the DACA recipients or the building of the border wall.

Source: New York Times

2. Missing Family Found Dead in Mexico

A family from Iowa went missing on March 15, 2018 after arriving in Mexico. Kevin and Amy Sharp along with their two children Wayne and Adrianna Sharp were on a family vacation in Cancun, Mexico. According to USA Today, the last time the Sharp family were heard of was on March 15 after they notified their relatives that they had made it safely to Mexico. After the family missed a Southern Western Community College Men's basketball game in Illinois that they were supposed to attend, friends and relatives became concerned and notified the police. U.S. authorities and officials from Mexico found all four members of the family dead in their condominium with an unknown cause of death. Authorities are warning American tourist of the increased dangers of traveling to Mexico at this time.

Source: USA Today

3. Around 150 Whales Found Dead On Australian Beach

A fisherman found 150 short-finned Pilot whales stranded at Hamelin Bay, Western Australia early in the morning on March 23, 2018. The whales belong to a large species of dolphin that are known for their dark grey bodies and short rounded heads. Trained Rescuers and volunteers were able to haul six whales back into the sea by 7 P.M. Although, concern for the survivors is very high since they have a possibility of re-stranding themselves on shore. Stranded Whales are not uncommon in Australia. According to the Atlantic Monthly, there have been other cases of massive groups of whales being stranded on the beach. Scientists are still investigating the cause of the beached whales.

Source: The Atlantic Monthly

4. Independent Entertainment Studios Buys The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel was sold to a Los Angeles based Entertainment Studios, According to USA Today, CEO Bryon Allen founder of Entertainment Studios acquired the channel because, “The Weather Channel is one of the most trusted and extremely important cable networks, with information vitally important to the safety and protection of our lives." Allen hopes to invest and gather media assets in the next five years. According to Bloomberg, the channel was sold for 300 million dollars.

Source: USA Today

5. 72 Year Old Man Celebrates Birthday by Giving Away Free Ice Cream

Jimmy Teng, a 72-year-old ice cream man from Kallang, Singapore celebrated his birthday by giving away 1,000 free scoops of ice cream. According to Good News Network, the locals who visit him daily know him as Uncle Jimmy. On a day where one is suppose to receive and not give away, Uncle Teng did this out of the joy it brought him as he states," “I wouldn’t be this happy if I won the lottery.”

Source: Good News Network

Amalia Escobedo