News Roundup 3/28/18

Photo Courtesy: The New York Times

Photo Courtesy: The New York Times

By: Joshua Gutierrez

1) Family of Slain Sacramento Man Seeking Change

The family of Stephon Clark a 22 year old Sacramento man who was slain by Sacramento PD officers last week, share their skepticism as to whether change will come soon enough to prevent the taking of another innocent life. Clark's Uncle, Curtis Gordan told the Associated Press, "So we appreciate the conversation, but conversation without implementation of some true reformation means nothing. It brought us to this moment, but what about tomorrow? What about next week?" Clark's wake was held Wednesday, just over a week after he was gunned down by Sacramento Police officers who believed Clark was wielding a gun when all he was found with was a cell phone.

Source: AP

2) French Police Officer Honored After Losing Life in Terror Attack

Col. Anuaud Beltrame was honored Wednesday for his selfless sacrifice in line of duty that cost him his life in last weeks terror attack in Trebes, France. In a terro attack last week, Col. Beltrame swapped places with a female hostage, after a Super U was taken over by twenty five year old Radouane Lakdim. Lakdim entered the store brandishing a knife and a gun, proceeded to shoot a customer and the stores butcher and then finally took a hostage. Col. Beltrame was awarded the title of Commander of the Legion of Honor by French President Emmanuel Macron during his memorial Friday.

Source: NY Times

3) Harvey Weinstein's Former Assistant Warns British House of Commons of Abusive Use Of NDA's

During her testimony at the British House of Commons committee investigating sexual harassment in the work place on Wednesday, Zelda Perking a former assistant of Harvey Weinstein, declared that the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) she was forced to sign was a "morally-lacking agreement on every level." In a written statement presented prior to the hearing, Perkins wrote, "What concerns me and I hope concerns this committee is the abusive use of NDAs to cover up criminality or other serious wrongdoing." Perkins signed the NDA in 1988 after she joined Weinstien's companies' London office. Perkins left after a female colleague told her that Weinstien attempted to sexually assault her. Perkins broke her NDA in October of last year telling the financial times that Weinstien had been harassing her for years prior to her quitting.


4) President Trump Keen to Meet Kim Jong-un Following the North Korean Leaders Trip to China

President Trump has stated that maximum sanctions and pressure will continue on North Korea even after receiving word from China's President Xi Jinping that his meeting with North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un "went very well." Kim Jong-un's trip to China was his first known foreign trip since he took office in 2011. After being welcomed with a guard of honor and a banquet, Kim reportedly said he was committed to denuclearisation . According to President Trump, Kim Jong-un is looking forward to meeting him. It remains to be seen whether or not the two will ever actually meet.

Source: BBC

Josh Gutierrez