News Roundup 3/30/18

Photo Courtesy of NPR

Photo Courtesy of NPR

By: Amalia Escobedo

1. Palestinian Citizens Killed by Israeli Troops

Israeli troops opened fire on Nine Palestinians along the Gaza border on Friday March 30, 2018. According to National Public Radio (NPR) the victims were between the ages of 16 and 38 and were protesting in the “March of Return”. The protest was organized to let Palestinian refugees return to lands that are now owned by Israel. Israeli troops are not compromising and are warning people to stay away from the border. Avigdor Liberman, Israel’s Defense minister tweeted a warning reading, “Everyone approaching the wall endangers his life”.


2. Hope Hicks White House Farewell

White House communications director Hope Hicks decided to resign from her position in Donald Trump’s administration. Ms. Hicks was one of the president’s trusted aides. According to the Guardian, White House officials described Hope Hicks as, “Trump’s right-hand woman and media gatekeeper, providing needed doses of affirmation to the president and able to deliver bad news to him with few repercussions.” The former director left on her own with a warm farewell from Trump involving a kiss on the cheek and a handshake outside the oval office in front of various reporters.

Source: The Guardian

3. Cancer Warning Labels For Coffee

Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle suspects the roasting process of coffee beans to contain a cancer causing chemical. According to USA Today Judge Berle stated that Starbucks and other companies failed to show that benefits from drinking coffee outweighed any risks.

A ruling is now being set in place to enforce coffee companies to carry a cancer causing warning label in their stores. The coffee industry is fighting back the motion because they believe the chemical is harmless and is required in giving the roast flavor. Coffee enthusiasts like Darlington Ibekwe said that even if the label goes up it wouldn’t stop his coffee consumption.

Source: USA Today

4. Officer Fired for the Killing of Alton Sterling

Baton Rouge Officer Blane Salamoni was fired on Friday March 30, 2018 after fatally shooting 37-year-old Alton Sterling six times outside a convenience store. According to NPR, Police Chief Murphy Paul said his decision, “was not based on politics, it was not based on emotions," but took other factors into account such as facts, eye witness testimony and suggestions from board members. The other officer who was at the crime scene and pinned down Sterling is on suspension until further notice.


5. U.S. Seeking Social Media Accounts

The Federal government is proposing to gather all social media identities of individuals seeking entry into the United States. According to NPR, if the proposal is approved it would require non-immigrant and immigrants wanting to apply for a visa to list all social media accounts they used in the past five years. The effort is to prevent terrorism in the United States.

Source: The Guardian

Amalia Escobedo