News Roundup 9/24/18

Photo Courtesy: The Atlantic

Photo Courtesy: The Atlantic

1. New Allegation Against Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee, is under investigation over a new sexual misconduct allegation. On September 23rd, it was alleged that Kavanaugh, during his freshmen year at Yale University in 1983, exposed himself to fellow student Deborah Ramirez, now 53-years-old. Ramirez had attended a dorm room party where she and fellow students were drinking, and recalls that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her before thrusting his genitals in her face. This claim comes after the allegations of sexual misconduct made by Christine Blasey Ford, a professor at Palo Alto. Both Ramirez and her attorney agree that an F.B.I investigation should be conducted.

Source: The New Yorker

2. Iranian President Accuses the U.S. Behind Military Parade Attack

On September 23rd, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani accused the United States of supporting and providing tools to mercenary countries to commit crimes of terror. This statement comes after the attack made on Iran’s military parade on Saturday, which celebrated the 30th anniversary of the end of the Iran-Iraq war. The Islamic Republic News Agency reported, that four assailants opened fire on military and spectators during the parade leaving 29 killed and injuring 70 others. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps accused Saudi Arabia of supporting the attackers. President Rouhani stated that the Iranian government is prepared to counter further attacks made by the United States.

Source: CNN

3. South Carolina Prepares for Flood Evacuations

Alerts for possible evacuations of 8,000 people in Georgetown County, South Carolina, begun September 24th. Officials are expecting up to 10-foot floodwaters by the end of the week,stating it would be a “record event”. Sam Hodge, Georgetown County’s emergency management director, notified local residents that shelters would be open starting Monday, the 24th. He advises residents to leave before official evacuations are ordered.

Source: CBS News

4. Dallas Officer Fired

Amber Guyger was a police officer who shot and killed her neighbor, Botham Jean, 26-years-old, on September 6th in Dallas, Texas. Today, September 24th, Guyger was fired by the Dallas Police Department after being under an internal investigation that determined she “engaged in adverse conduct”. According to CNN the mayor of Dallas Mike Rawlings stated, “The swift termination of any officer who engages in misconduct that leads to the loss of innocent life is essential if the Dallas Police Department is to gain and maintain the public trust”

Source: CBS News

5. Bill Cosby Sentence Hearing

Monday, September 24th, marks the first day of Bill Cosby’s sentence hearing. Cosby was put to trial for the 60 women who accused him of sexual misconduct while drugged. Defense Attorney Joseph Green argued that Cosby’s age and blindness would not make prison suitable for him. Opposing, Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele argued Cosby would commit another offense if given the opportunity. The prosecution is asking for up to 10 years in prison and is waiting for the judge to determine if Cosby is a “sexually violent predator”. If labeled so, Cosby would be required to lifetime counseling and community notification of his whereabouts.

Source: AP News

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