News Roundup 03/06/19

1. The Mueller Report No One’s Talking About

There is another report coming from Mueller that most people do not know about yet. At about the same time the special counsel sends his report on the Russia investigation in to the Justice Department, Attorney General William Barr has to tell Congress about all of the times Mueller’s supervisors told him “no” while he was completing his work. This requirement is put into the regulations for the department used by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein used when he hired Mueller. Despite what is in the memo, analysts expect it to be one of the things on a fast track to being made public for close scrutiny so that insights can be gained about what went on behind closed doors during the special counsel’s tight lipped investigation. There is a chance that Barr’s report will have nothing in it, which will prove to President Trump and his appointed Justice Department leaders that the special counsel was able to carry out the investigation unhindered.

Source: Politico

2. Fact Checking Trump’s Claim That Obama Refused to Comply With Requests From Congress

On Tuesday, President Trump insenuated that his administration will not comply with House Democrats’ request for information and documents from over 80 organizations and individuals as part of an investigation into his campaign business, post-election transition and administration. When he did this, Trump attempted to compare it to former President Barack Obama by saying that he did not comply with congressional inquiries either. Even though Trump was in clear on what he was referring to when he made this comparison, it is not true to state that the Obama administration did not cooperate with congressional requests for information. There were a few times when the Obama administration at first refused extensive congressional document requests, but they eventually gave in, either willingly or after being given a court order.

Source: CNN Politics

3. North Korea Rebuilding Long Range Rocket Site, Photos Say

North Korea is trying to “rapidly rebuild” the long range missile site at Sohae Launch Facility. This is according to commercial images captured and analysis done by researchers at Beyond Parallel. Sohae is North Korea’s only operational facility for space launches, and has been used for launches in the past. The technology used for these launches is almost the same as what is used for intercontinental ballistic missiles. According to Beyond Parallel, the activity from Sohae on March 2 is obvious at the vertical engine test stand and at the launch pad’s rail mounted rocket transfer structure. Some researchers have claimed that there was still activity at the site, even after the first summit was held between the two leaders in Singapore in June 2018. Others say some of the facilities had begun to be taken down, and the facility has been dormant since August of 2018.

Source: NBC News

4. Father Found Guilty of Plotting Acid Attack on 3-Year-Old Son

A father was found guilty of plotting an acid attack on his 3 year old son during a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife. The conviction was reached unanimously on Wednesday by a jury at Worcester Crown Court in the UK, after a 6 week trial. After deliberating for nine hours, the jury convicted the man and 5 others of plotting to spray sulfuric acid into the child’s face in order to “burn, maim, or disfigure.” Jurors heard that the 40 year old Afghanistan native got the help of 5 others to attack his child in order to get more custody by showing that the mother of the child was not able to give him sufficient care. The court found out that the man’s wife took their 3 children with her when she left him in 2016. The attack occurred at the Home Bargains store in Worcester, and left the boy with serious burns on his face and arms. The boy screamed “I hurt” over and over after the attack ended. Since that time, he has made a good recovery and is with is mother.

Source: CNN

5. Who is Rhona Graff? White House Insider Could ‘Be the End of Trump’ Omarosa Says

Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman claims that President Trump’s long time personal secretary Rhona Graff could be the key to Democrats bringing him down. During a conversation with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Tuesday, Manigault Newman discussed the investigation House Democrats began by sending document requests to 81 people and organizations close to Trump. Those on the contact list included some of Trump’s closest advisors and family members. Manigault Newman stated that Rhona Graff’s testimony is the one that President Trump fears the most. Newman went on to say, “She knows everyone. She knows what role they play. She knows who said what and when. She set up the meetings.” On the other hand, Manigault Newman warned that Raff might decide to remain silent, and not answer any of the investigator’s questions if she is called to testify. Graff has been an employee for Trump for around 30 years, and for a long time was thought of as his gatekeeper as he handled his real estate empire from Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Source: Newsweek