News Roundup 08/28/19

News Roundup 8/28/19

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Kyle Smith (Reporter)

State of Emergency Declared Ahead of Tropical Storm Dorian Making Landfall in Florida

Missouri’s 8-week abortion ban blocked

Missouri’s ban on abortions after eight weeks was blocked by a Federal Judge just one day before the law was set to take effect. Planned Parenthood had previously sued the State of Missouri, siting the law as unconstitutional. State attorneys will likely appeal the ruling, but no moves have been made yet.

The Missouri Stands for the Unborn Act prohibits abortions after a heartbeat can be detected, which is usually at six to eight weeks.

If this law were to pass, it would mark the biggest step made to date towards outlawing abortions.

-BBC News

Tropical storm Dorian:

Florida’s governor declared a state of emergency as the tropical storm has strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane. Dorian has already made landfall in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and it could reach Florida as a Category 3 storm. There are hurricane warnings in effect for the U.S. and British Virgin Islands along with Vieques and Culebra. There is a tropical storm warning and a hurricane watch in effect for Puerto Rico. The maximum sustained winds are reported at 80 mph.

-CBS NewsThe National Hurricane Center 

Jeffrey Epstein 

Two cameras outside of Jeffrey Epstein’s cell at the time of his death are reported as broken. After Epstein’s lawyers have expressed doubt about the conclusion of suicide, the cameras have been sent to an FBI crime lab for investigation. Before his death, Epstein was taken off suicide watch and overworked guards failed to perform overnight prisoner checks. Footage taken by other cameras have also been deemed unusable as well. 


Amazon Burning

Brazil has seen a record 74 thousand fires so far this year. Most are occurring in the Amazon rainforest and were not started by accident. Brazilian farmers are purposely setting the trees ablaze in order to develop agricultural land.

The increased amount of fires comes after the Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro has put more emphasis on economic growth rather than environmental protections regarding the Amazon.

-New York TimesThe Verge

DeMarcus Cousins threatens ex-girlfriend

The audio of a phone call in which Los Angeles Lakers center DeMarcus Cousins allegedly threatened his ex-girlfriend was leaked on Tuesday. Christy West, the mother of Cousin’s son, has since filed for a restraining order.

On the audio footage, Cousins asked West to take their child to his wedding. The threat came after she said she would not allow it.

The Lakers have addressed the situation by releasing the following short statement:

“We are aware of the allegations involving DeMarcus Cousins and, of course, take this claim very seriously. We are in the process of gathering information and will reserve further comment at this time."

-TMZ Sports,ESPN