NFL State Of Mind: Odell Beckham Jr isn't having fun anymore. Who Cares?

By Edward Gutierrez

The NFL never fails to entertain the fans that stay loyal to their team. From the Dallas Cowboys, who continue to amaze everyone, to the soaring Philadelphia Eagles, who struck gold with Carson Wentz, Week 3 is everything you wanted.

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers showcased an air-raid show, touchdown pass after touchdown pass. Rodgers and company set their mind on dominating the Detroit Lions. Also, love it or hate it, the Minnesota Vikings are winning games like champions. With dominating defense and efficient offense, there's no telling what is to come for Sam Bradford and the Vikings.

As sore losers go, the New York Jets are becoming the laughing stock of the NFL. It's nothing new, just something you wouldn't expect from a team that overpaid their Quarterback. Ryan Fitzpatrick looked absolutely horrible against the Kansas City Chiefs, throwing an unbelievable six interceptions. He's continued to dig a whole deeper to be benched.

As for week 4, Ezekiel Elliot showed us that he's the real deal. He showcased patience, vision and speed against the San Francisco 49ers, delivering a performance that was unexpected and unappreciated. The Dallas Cowboys no longer need star wide-receiver Dez Bryant. They continued to draft smart by drafting an offensive linemen in the past years and it's finally paying off. Dan Prescott is being consistent and their defense is finally defending the pass, which was their obvious weakness in the past.

The Pittsburgh Steelers reinvented themselves week 4 after their embarrassing loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Coach Mike Tomlin set a state of mind of physicality and speed, the defense showcased both of those elements as they abused the Kansas City Chiefs, delivering a 43-14 win.

Matt Ryan and Julio Jones finally clicked and destroyed the Carolina Panthers secondary. Jones caught for 300 yards and Ryan threw for 500, thus showcasing how dominant they truly can be and the Super Bowl potential the Atlanta Falcons truly possess. They're on track for their 48-33 win.

Throughout weeks 3 and 4, Star receiver Odell Beckham Jr has caused drama whenever he steps on the field with his distracting antics, showcasing his emotion and loosing on and off the field. Beckham Jr states his opinion and claims he has a target on his back. Yet, Beckham is no stranger to emotional antics: Playback to last years match-up against cornerback Josh Norman. He's becoming a distraction for the struggling New York Giants and is causing mass hysteria all over social media and the NFL.

This has become an issue for Beckham since his stats have plummeted comparing to last years, but in the game of football, emotions can either hurt or benefit a players psyche.

Cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman spoke to the Players Tribune with this statement:

"It’s really a case-by-case basis because if you go at a player like that, it can go one of two ways: He’ll either get more frustrated and get further off his game — which we’ve seen with Odell — or he could turn around and smoke a guy for 200 yards, and you just woke up a sleeping dragon."

Sending a warning to NFL cornerbacks, they either finally got into his head or just added fuel to his fire. We'll find out how Beckham responds in the upcoming weeks, and whether or not he'll make defenses pay for it.