Panther on the Rise

Ronald Rudd III, left tackle, on Thursday evening after scrimmage against SBVC. Photo by Michael Ravenelle.

By Edward Gutierrez

After attending AB Miller High School and only having Division 2 colleges in sight out of high school, Ronald Rudd III took a different path. One that consisted of position changes and patience, thus, becoming a preseason junior college All-American and a three-star recruit.

Standing 6'7 and weighing 307 pounds, Rudd continues to catch the attention of top-ranked colleges all across the nation. From Missouri, Arizona State, Louisville, Kansas State, Baylor, UCLA, Purdue and many more, Rudd continues to rack up offers from top Division 1 schools. But then again, an individual that possess the size, height and speed to dominate and man-handle opposing defensive ends will continue to get that type of attention no matter what.

From committing to UCLA this past summer to practicing treacherous two-a-days in 100 degree weather, Rudd has created a name for himself and has become the quiet leader for the Chaffey Panthers while doing so.

Head coach Rod Hadaway gave his thoughts on Rudd saying, "He's great for the program, he does everything you ask him to do," he said. "It's been an awesome experience having him."

Coming from AB Miller, Rudd knew he didn't want to attend a Division 2 school, understanding that he possessed D-1 talent. He instead decided to take the junior college route with Chaffey.

"It just felt right to come here," Rudd said when making the decision to attend Chaffey. "Ultimately it was the best decision."

Yet, the road to becoming a leader and dominant left tackle wasn't so easily paved for Rudd who made the transition from defense to offense his first year at Chaffey. Coach Hadaway and staff felt he could move to left tackle, a decision that ultimately changed his football career for the better. Yet, Rudd understood that in order for him to grow and thrive as a left tackle he had to be on board and learn the position from coach Harris, the offensive line coach.

"We took everything into consideration," he said of the position change. "I could develop and learn how to play the position the right way."

On Jun. 6th Rudd verbally committed to the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), a University where he feels he can continue to grow and blossom in academics and also become an NFL talent. Understanding that a potential starting spot is awaiting him the summer he transfers, he is excited for what the future holds.

"It was the best fit for me," Rudd said. "I felt that I can develop there as a player and make it to the next level."

As for this upcoming fall season at Chaffey, he understands the sacrifice and hard work it takes to fulfill his dreams of one day becoming an NFL talent. Rudd has high expectations for himself and this upcoming football season.