By Christopher Sainz, Sports Editor

After 22 years the NFL was back in Los Angeles Last year. The Rams came to LA in 2016. The Chargers are now in Los Angeles this season. Last year the first couple games of the season the Rams had a good size crowd, but as the season went on the fans stop coming. This only helped doubters argument in sending these teams back to where they came from. It does not help that these teams did not do well last year. The Rams went 4-12 while the Chargers went 5-11 last season. People are asking if these teams will work.

Why the NFL will work

These teams both have stars that can attract fans. The Rams have stars all over there defense including Arron Donald. They also have Jared Goff who has played well the first 3 weeks of the season after a horrible season last year. The Rams are 2-1 after 3 weeks and look like a team that can make the playoffs.

The Chargers also have plenty of stars the biggest Phillip Rivers a proven Vet who has not had the best starts to the season but is looking to bounce back. They also have Joey Bosa who has taken the league by storm. The Chargers are 0-3 but can easily be 2-1 if it was not for a blocked and missed field goal at end of the Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins games.

The Chargers could have the upper hand by playing in the Stub Hub Center. The Stub Hub only holds 27,000 people which is the smallest stadium in the NFL. The Chargers in San Diego did not just have a problem filling the stadium, they had a problem with who came to their games. Last season you can really say the Chargers never had a true home game with the opposing fans taking over Qualcomm stadium. With a smaller stadium it will possibly give the other teams fans less chances of getting tickets while the Chargers gain a fanbase in Los Angeles. The Rams were in Los Angeles for 49 years before leaving for Saint Louis. They have the fans base already they just have to give them a reason to come and with the way they are playing the Rams fans should show up. The Rams also have the upper hand in the NFC East being a weaker division.

Why the NFL won't work

Even though the Rams are 2-1 there are skeptics because they beat the 49ers and the Colts who are two bad teams. They might have more to prove to get there fans to come. The Chargers might have move to Los Angeles but they look a lot like last years San Diego Chargers. Since 2015 the Chargers are 4-18 in one score games. That is second worst to only the Brown who beat the Chargers last season by one score. The Chargers also don’t have an easy road ahead of them being in the AFC West, the best division in football.

These are not good teams and the Fans might not be happy with their choices. Are the Rams and Chargers really fighting for the second most popular team in LA? The Oakland Raiders have a huge fan base here in LA. It does not help the two LA teams that the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas only a couple hours from LA. The Rams and Chargers have an uphill battle to win over LA. Can these two teams do it? Only time will tell.