MLB Changes Rules For 2019 Season

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association will implement new rules for the 2019 MLB season. These changes surround several facets of the MLB season. The all star game will have an election day to decide its participants and the amount of mound visits has been reduced to five visits as opposed to the original six, and the winner of the home run derby will be awarded $2.5 million dollars.

After speaking to Chaffey students Chris Stanley and Yzzy Arias about the new rules implemented by Major League Baseball, they both agreed that MLB players are being awarded too heavily on top of their contractual salaries. They also believe that it would benefit those players outperforming their contracts. These players are typically stand outs still under their rookie contracts.

“Bryce Harper or Manny Machado will not benefit from an extra $2.5 million for winning the Home Run Derby," said Stanley. "Players who are getting paid by the millions aren’t going to get any benefit from [that money]. However, if players like Francisco Lindor or Carlos Correa who are getting paid in the hundred thousands were to win the derby, they would seriously benefit from winning.”

Indian’s all star shortstop Francisco Lindor’s contract entails that he receives $643,000 per year, while the average non-all star receives $2 million dollars each year. Astro’s all star shortstop Carlos Correa’s contract entails him to $1.25 million dollars a year. Francisco Lindor’s 2018 season consisted of a .277 batting average, 38 home runs and 97 runs batted in. In 2017 Carlos Correa had a batting average of .315, 24 home runs and 84 runs batted in.

“I think that the extra money is stupid because they are already getting paid so much money, why do they need more? Plus they’re getting a car or truck what more do they want?” said Yzzy Arias, “It would benefit [those players getting paid in the thousands,] but if they want more money, [they should perform like they] deserve that money.”

Long term deals like Manny Machado signing a contract worth three hundred million dollars over ten years with the San Diego Padres are becoming common-place, the defensive shift is being used more than ever before and sports gambling is officially legal. The MLB is changing before our eyes as we go into the 2019 season.